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If I buy powders, can VTECH ship to my address?
VTECH give three options of shipping methods to client, express, air shipping and sea shipping. Client can choose one shipping method which is mostly suitable for himself, considering cost and time.
How to buy metal powders from VTECH?
Client can find contact information in the website. Our service is available at time 8:30am - 17:30pm, from Monday to Saturday.
Can VTECH supply metal powders for 3D printing?
VTECH produces metal powders specially for 3D printing industry. The powders have advantages of good sphericity, smooth surface, good flowability and low oxygen. VTECH powders can fit with many brands of metal 3d printing machines, such as EOS, SLM Solutions, Concept laser, Renishow, Farsoon, etc.
What applications can powders be used for?
Metal powders made by VTECH can be used in many industries, including 3D printing, laser cladding, thermal spray, metal Injection Molding, powder welding, hot isostatic pressing, etc.
Can VTECH customize metal powders for me?
VTECH provides flexible customization services of metal powders to our clients. Clients can contact us.
What characteristics of metal powders that VTECH supply?
High Homogeneity of Chemical Composition High Purity, Low Oxygen Content Smooth surface,Good Sphericity,Good Flowability Fine Particle Size
What types of powders VTECH supplies?
VTECH supplies fine and spherical shaped metal powders. VTECH’s normal products include Titanium Alloy Powders, Nickel Alloy Powders, Aluminum Alloy Powders, Stainless Steel Powders, Die-steel powders, etc. VTECH also provides customize services of metal powders according to clients' requirements. 
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